Copy of About Us

Welcome to Marmeez!
I've added "momprenuer' to the many hats that I wear. We have 5 sons and 5 daughters who have all flown the nest. When my daughters were in the home, our favorite movie to watch was "Little Women". What mother daughter team doesn't love Jo March and her family adventures. As a result I have adopted the endearing name of  "Marmee". 
Our children all have special memories in our home of the SEASONS ... the sights, the sounds, the smells, the decorations etc...
My passion and love for Home Decorating has led to this amazing venture of creating and sharing the "Seasonal Mood" in our homes with quality home decor, gifts and more.
I say MORE because there will be MORE to come!   Cool huh ... :) 
I invite all to "Make Yourself Home With MARMEEZ."