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Why Marmeez Candles

I get asked quite ofter why I started my candle business? As a little girl, I have vivid memories of my single mom filling our home with the warm glow of candles. Fast forward to adulthood, and candles became a staple in my own home while raising a family of 10 kids. Our home held the wonder of the lingering scent of the Season.

Once all my kids had left home I found myself longing to relive cherished memories from when my kids were still home and create new ones when they and the grandkids came to visit.  I went through a period of having feelings empty and alone and eventually I turned to making candles. Little did I know, this simple act would unravel a beautiful truth about my candle obsession.

 A burning candle, to me, is more than just a flame. It's a cozy embrace, a soothing presence that wraps around you like a warm hug. In creating and running my little candle business, I've discovered the profound impact these simple objects can have on our well-being.

  • Not only do we offer 100% Soy wax candles, but we are very particular in choosing scented oils that have clean properties and don't contain the harmful toxins like many big store varieties do.
  • Our Wood bowl Candles fill even your largest rooms in your home with gorgeous seasonal scents.

So here's to candles – not just as decorative items, but as silent companions that bring warmth and serenity to the messiness of life. Join me in finding joy, coziness, and a little escape in the flicker of a flame and scented memories.

What our Friends are saying.

I just love these candles and the surprise gifts each month is the best way to treat myself. This is my second month I just wish I knew about this sooner I would have started my enrollment sooner :)


I love the chippy look of the heart shaped dough bowl candle. The vanilla-lavendar scent smells amazing. The presentation is very nice too. I like that I can order this as a gift and I wouldn't have to worry about wrapping. Everything was already done for me.


I LOVE this candle. It smells so good! I walk into the room and I can smell it... every time! Makes me so excited for fall. I was so impressed by the scent and the candle itself I told my mom about it and she bought one immediately!


Gorgeous and lovely smelling candle. purchasing a few more as house warming gifts!

They were beautifully packaged and arrived on time.