Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the US and Canada.

What is the most popular scent?

Coconut Milk Lavender, Farmhouse Plaid, and Cashmere Plum have all been top sellers.

What is a good clean scent?

Clean Cotton, Sweet Nothings, Rosemary Lemon, and Sassy Orange all great fresh and clean scents. 

When do subscription boxes ship?

Our subscription boxes ship the 1st of every month.  So not matter what day you order, you will always be receive a box the following month. 

Example 1:  You order on the 15th of January then your first box will be February 1st. 

Example 2:  You order on Jan 1st so your first box will ship February 1st.

Do you ever sell single gift boxes?

We have had months with extra boxes and we do offer them on our website.  But they tend to go quickly.  Your best bet is to a subscriber and guarantee yourself a box.